One Last Prayer

Synopsis: Joe is a man haunted by the fact that he botched his marriage due to alcoholism and his wife had an abortion rather than have a child raised by a drunk father.

So after a long-overdue attempt to get sober, his wife announces she is finally pregnant again but with another man's baby—and she abruptly leaves him. Now left broken and alone, Joe walks his elderly dog Carla around his quietly disturbed neighborhood while darkly contemplating his missed opportunities at life and slowly sinking down a deep, deep rabbit-hole inside his own jaded, warped mind.

One Last Prayer is a harrowing, enthralling and wickedly funny story of a man suffering love lost and a cynical self-knowledge that is ultimately of no avail.

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By Louis Venosta
Format:Kindle Edition

"Quite a jolt in this cup of 'Joe'"

Simultaneously taut and expansive in its prose, David Darmstaedter's 'One Last Prayer' deftly manages to compress the experience of an entire life - hopes, regrets, love possessed and lost - into the span of a meandering, late afternoon walking of a man's dog through the lush decay of a Los Angeles neighborhood. Like a good cup of black coffee, 'One Last Prayer' provides the jolt of that makes us see things just a bit more clearly.