My Monster

Synopsis: Dave - an ex model, ex-porn actor and ex-junkie- struggles to stay straight and raise his 13-year-old son after his wife's tragic death, all the while fighting off his own inner demons that have one thing in mind: to drag him back into the depths of addiction hell until he, himself, dies.

My Monster is a sexy and moving memoir, a classic story of truth and beauty; a balance between comedy and tragedy, filed with humor, tears, and above all, hope.

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By Jerry Stahl
Format:Kindle Edition


In a world of faux-badass, Look-At-Me, I'm-Damaged! tomes of one-downsmanship and front, Darmstaedter stands as that most exotic of authors: the real goddamn thing. By the time you finish this book, you won't just want to tell you'll friends, you'll be ripping strangers out of their cars and shoving copies into their hands, screaming at them through foam-flecked lips to just shut up and read it. I really loved this book.