November 24, 2009

10:59 pm. I have been out since 8:45 am and had no chance to write anything down. My head is throbbing with fatigue now as I grunt out these few words. Worked like a laborer today for my wife; picking up a truck from U-Haul….fuck, can’t think of the word…packing it or stuffing it or filling it with 200 cases of wine and beer and delivering them to…to…to tired to go on with the details. Wasn’t that interesting. If I was writing a story about it , I would just take down notes:

Rented truck (Mexican workers begging for work outside uhaul…made me sad)

Picked up wine and beer at restaurant. Had a chai latte, poached eggs with arugala and serrano ham while I waited for xtra cases. Saw my friend Martin and Simone and this girl Robyn. Went to Santa Monica in truck with Juan, a Honduran guy. Emptied truck at Cirque site. Security guard had on heaps of cheap cologne. Two other guys seemed like gay lovers in a spat as they helped unload the cases. Drove back, dropped of truck. Picked up three thousand dollar Afghan rug to take home for wife to see if she likes it. Ate with my kid back at restaurant. He had half a dozen oysters and Steak au poivre. I had Moroccan butternut squash soup. We taelked about some movies (forgot but will remember tomorrow) My wife came down from office and had a chamomile tea and chocolate croissant with us. I dropped of my kid after and went to AA meeting, sat next to my hilarious friend, Kevin, a big black comedian. (Other stuff I will put in tomorrow about John and Jimmy and Michael.)

Met wife at whole foods after. Got some sushi, chicken soup and many different mushrooms for Thanksgiving turkey stuffing. Drove back to Topanga. Saw Pacific in the moonlight. Beautiful black under the (describe tomorrow) Laid out rug….ate sushi and soup…design on rug looks like tea stains, won’t keep it….

too tired will put rest in tomorrow….

So that is the notes I would have taken if I was gonna thoroughly go over and write the story of today. Will I? Don’t know. Too tired. But know how I would have and took the steps to do it. Even though hands are worn out and eyes drooping closed now. Yeah. Know what I have to do at least. At most. At ease…zzzzzzzzzzzzz….