December 1, 2009

Wow. December. I was born in December. “So..?” I say. What else? My mind is useless to write because I’m thinking about pussy…just sick with thoughts about it. Please, pussy thoughts…go away, go away, go away… Thank you for fading some so I can get a few words down. Fucking colder today too, barely reaching 60 degrees in the day…so I suppose very apt for December…in Southern California that is. it may dip below 40 though at night here up in Topanga. Cold as witch’s tit…as the saying goes, for whoever actually touched the tit of a witch to fine out. I’ve been with some witches that had, warm tits, hot tits, smoking tits and had as rock steaming nipples too…and shit, I’m back to pussy again. Get off it. 3:44 pm and looking chilly through the window even.