Beach Play

Synopsis: Arnie, a wannabe down and out actor, breaks into his successful producer friend’s Malibu beach pad only to confront Phil, the producer’s muscle bound ex-con brother who is watching the place while he is out of town. A hilarious and frightening cat and mouse game ensues with Phil exposing Arnie’s deepest secrets and fears, eventually deciding on a grim solution.

Notes: Beach Play was nominated for LA Weekly and Dramalogue awards. It played at the Hudson Theater and starred Mark Ruffalo.


Synopsis: Nick, an ex-heroin addict leaves his girlfriend Beth and moves in with his old junkie buddy Bobbie, with thoughts of getting Bobby clean. Kelly who is Bobbie’s new junkie roommate resents Nick’s presence and instead of getting Bobbie straight, Nick falls into addiction again with both of them. Mayhem and demoralization of the funniest and most tragic dimensions ensue until Beth barges in to save Nick from disaster.

Notes: Heronics received rave reviews in LA Times and was directed also by Mark Ruffalo and played at the Hudson Theater.

Andrew's Dream

Synopsis: Andrew and Paul, two brothers meet at their seventy-five year father’s house to investigate his relationship with a twenty-five year old Thai girl he imported to America after the death of his wife. All the family secrets are revealed, both humorous and tragic as the three men battle with their egos and opinions of how each other should be living.

Notes: Andrew’s Dream is in development to be produced.